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The Wilderness Experience

Rapidly rising as the premier Indian tour operator, Wilderness Experience stands in a class of its own offering exceptionally run, comfortable, and uniquely designed sojourns tailored perfectly to your tastes.

Whether you are looking for a high altitude adventure on the roof of the world or a grounded pilgrimage to the richest cultural sites India has to offer, we will craft for you a once in a lifetime journey revealing the depth of the diverse tapestry that is India in all its splendor of diverse geography and cultural heritage. We welcome you to join us in the vibrant bazaars brimming with musky spices and flowing with technicolored saris; explore ancient temple ruins where age-old archetypal paintings still adorn the crumbling walls as a reminder of our highest potential; walk along ancient caravan routes through some of the most majestic mountains in the world. Please, come taste the many wonders of India in lavish style; from the turquoise seas to Desert stretches, from golden plains to snow capped Himalayan peaks! Join the Wilderness family and you'll be sure to return to this Brilliant corner of the globe for future adventures!

Wilderness is a small, intimately run travel operator that seeks to deliver the richness of India and the Himalayas in all its remote splendor while maintaining the highest degree of comfort and service to our clients. Founded by two Ladakhi gentlemen with years of experience in the tourist industry, we bring the world renowned Himalayan hospitality to all of our expeditions.

We strive to offer the most unique tours available, offering an integral blend of the "greats" of Indian sites with lesser known, off the beaten track wonders of the continent. Recognized as one of the best Indian adventure travel providers, we are well known in the Himalayas for our exceptional trekking and walking expeditions through some of the most breathtaking terrain in the world.

We design high-end itineraries custom fit to your interests and needs, and each group is led by a Knowledgeable guide and friendly crew to make sure your journey is as comfortable as possible.

Wilderness Experience Travels offers exhilarating adventure tours to move the intrepid explorer within you! Even the shortest of expeditions takes you into remote territory, offering extraordinary glimpses of vast, rugged terrain, faraway village oases sparkling emerald against the dry rock, jagged snow capped ranges, and rare wildlife sightings. Depending on your preferred mode of exploration, we customize your excursion to satisfy your dreams. Wilderness Experience, always has your safety as our primary objective, and we have trained staff and professional gear to make sure you can focus absolutely on your experience.

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